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About Hyperborean We chenii
In our Order understanding of God as a global information field (O)
aka "One" ie, 1, he is the Absolute, who is also the Triglav because triune.
"Absolute" permeates all living things, and not only our space,
as well as parallel worlds. What do you think,
as there are worlds? The answer - an infinite amount.
Infinity symbol enclosed in galdr essence of the Absolute (energy space matter). " Ouroboros"symbolizing galdr, according to legend, the daughter of Loki was thrown into the ocean, where reaching incredible size circled the whole world. Many present it as a fairy tale. The very essence, is encrypted in a very different echoes manifest themselves not only in books by contemporary authors, as well as in the ancient scriptures. In one of the ancient scriptures we had found information about the incredible artifact "Mirror of the Gods" . This artifact of legend used to move between worlds and parallel measurements. Much to the surprise of this artifact performs many functions, one of the functions that we have told, has the property - "change the temporal structure".
The closed cross - contains a temporary flow 3 and 5 Latif. Temporary flow forming "Triglav" (trinity): Past, Present, Future. All three streams are interconnected in a trinity (Triglav) .Circle piercing Triglav and Latif represents global information field (TOP) and is designated as "O", showing that all three temporary flow interconnected together.

Of rebirth.
Secret Experiment Research of rebirth and "the reincarnation" opens a new perspective on the spiritual physicality of our world. This experiment was carried out in 60 years, where eksperimentiruemyh patients were obtained the information data on a global scale.
According to the data of the experiment, the patients were put into deep hypnosis, under the hypnotic influence, ward recalled years of his life and his youth. Patients will then be entered into a deep hypnosis, where the studied, remembered longer life before birth - a life in another body. From the experiment, the statistics for the study were selected 60 people , the ones who in a past life did not die a natural death. According to the survey, patients saw their death at the hands of murderers, and then began to remember myself as a killer, all described in detail. Naturally all the data have been verified, and the experiment was immediately classified. Based on these experiments, our teaching scientific and proven fact. A similar doctrine of the Buddhists, too, confirms reincarnation as an alternative life after death - the soul never dies, and is reborn. Given the teachings of Buddhists more than 5000 years .Lama said that the teachings came from the far north. According to the teachings of the closed cross the human soul is the essence, like a drop of water in a single GUI components. The Bible says man was created in the image and likeness of God. Man is divine. Man is the essence of the global information fields. We are committed to the apotheosis of our physical body. In our Order are working whole departments devoted to this topic. Project specially launched "Source of Life" . We have available the secrets of longevity, through the stages of purification of the body, special diets and special diets. Stress factors that increase the regeneration of body cells. Thanks only to these factors, the human body with good genetics able to live 300 years or more! But this is not the limit! We are committed to the apotheosis - the deification of the physical body shell. Through meditation practice might change, even the structure of DNA. Change aging genes using meditative practices. The man already has everything it takes to affect your body without interference from outside. In the human body there are special "chakra"

Chakra - is CHA LCA For RA , a born Alva sun. On the Russian Volga river, anciently called "RA", mooring ropes and still referred to as "Chalco".
By massively replicated version of the "chakras," a man seven and transfer them comes from the bottom up:
- Muladhar (Wise Hara LAD);
- Svadhishthana (wedding + X (crossing compound) + + ANA origins (maternal) Cirrus chakra.);
- Manipur (MANI + path + RA or RA MANI-PUlyatsiya Chakra vital dynamics.);
- Anahat (ANA + X (crossing compound) + ATA intersection Chakra compound paths of mother and father heart chakra..);
- Vishudha (Vita + W (multiplying) + LE (conception) + Hara Chakra generating creative energies throat chakra utterance torus..);
- Adjna (A lion (point began) + D Twinning + F global living + AT talnost (nucleation processes) Chakra clairvoyance (clear-and hearing) spatially projected onto a hypophysis and works in tandem with the top of the Latif..);
- Sahasrara . (SAHA + C + PA + RA word "saha" in several languages of the northernpeoples of Russia means "man" (C + Alva + HARA) In this case, -... A man with two sunlight from the top of precise, two (descending and ascending) actively functioning radial flow of energy. with these same rays paint, usually the biblical Moses).
The first four chakras are located in the "subtle energy bodies" from the bottom up along the spine. And the last three are projected on the "physics": in his throat, in the region of the pituitary gland and on top.
This version, so to speak, popular. In fact, "Chakras" a person not seven and fifteen, that is, except for the data of seven, there are eight more. And in the true tradition of the "chakras" are not listed from bottom to top and top to bottom:
№1 - «Brahmalayya" - a fireball of subtle energies, located about half a meter above the top of the head. "Brahmalayya" - antenna finely-power receiving information from the Divine Ieraarhii Universe. Those with this chakra is open from birth, usually have a small protrusion on the parietal bone, round or oblong. This lip - a sign of intuition, developed "by nature", or rather - given by God at birth.
№2 - «Sahasrara" - the physics of projected top. A balanced antenna reception and transmission of the subtle energies. Perhaps the main emission center "revolving" of energy, which "Posolon" energy balance is provided by twin operation "Brahmalayi" and "Sahasrara".
№3 - « Tsarchen" - CAR Skye CHA edge . Of physics is projected in the center of the top edge of the forehead. Manages agregorami and through agregory. Revitalization - a topic for another conversation.
№4 - «Ajna".
№5 - «Azhvira" - ... In physics, it is projected in the middle of the neck at the base of the jaw. It provides a transformation ( "Vira" = rise) vocal vibrations in the subtle-energy and, on the contrary, connects the inflow of subtle energies in the human voice vibration.
6 - Vişudxa.
№7 - «Selma» ... In physics, it is projected in the middle of the neck at the collarbone level. Presumably, - the center of the relationship of electromagnetism "physical" and "thin and energy."
№8 - «Anahata." It projected on the physics of the spine at the heart level. It provides physiological aspects of the energy of love.
№9 - " Surya Jiva" = "Sun Life ". On physics projected in the "solar plexus".Regulator "Posolon" energy flow Latifa "Nav."
№10 - «Astrapura" - " Star" PU be P ozhdaemy A lvoy . Chakra - control of energy processes and spatial dynamics of the "thin" human bodies, in particular - our subtle energy limbs. It projected on the physics of the spine at the level between the navel and the solar plexus.
№11 - «Manipur". The regulator of energy processes and physiological rhythms of the human body organs, as well as, - spatial dynamics of the physical body. It projected on the physics of the spine to the navel level.
№12 - «Svadhishthana". On the basis of physics is projected in the "oud" in men and "womb" for women. Regulator sexual life of the physical body.
№13 - «Linganha". Chakra - regulator and transformer as neosoznavaemo spontaneous and consciously controlled processes subtly androgynous-energy interactions of men and women. Now the interaction data is called "astral sex," which is extremely inaccurate. Of physics is projected between the projections "Svadhishthana" and "Muladhara".
№14 - «Muladhara." Chakra - the regulator of vitality "Hara." It is considered a source of "serpent power" energy "Kundalini". This is not entirely accurate. Vortex-flow of energy coming from the earth through the feet and legs of man, really resemble the screen scanner "ring of snakes." Meeting these streams at the point of "Kundalini" (= in the coccyx) produces a bright flash of energy that can continue to climb the "Sushumna", giving rise to a number of very interesting and important phenomena in man prepared. For a man unprepared the rise of energy is lethal.
№15 - "Radzhimayya" - "= Rajas Energy" And nvariantov MA terii (maya = matter).Last chakra projection which is located on the physics, as the first projection (Brahmalayi) is spatially physical body. Roughly between the feet. It regulates and provides connectivity Microcosmos people (both women and men) to the energies of Mother Earth. It is especially important for women this connection. An additional device that acts as an antenna, providing this connection they serve caps hems of skirts and dresses. Disclaimer women from wearing them in favor of pants leads to disruption of its lower chakras and to a weakening of the whole sphere of her sexual energies.
It briefly.
The method of "opening the chakras", also called energy "funnels" "thin" energy preserved in Tradition Maha Yoga. With proper conception, harboring the correct, proper postpartum nursing and education of the person, the chakras are revealed naturally by themselves, ensuring that the harmony of the Microcosm of the younger man.
It is worth noting here that really revived Knowledge and Culture Ancestors practice, we have a real chance to transform the world around us MASS Psychiatry in normal society with a healthy psychology.
ALVA - ( "AL" - a verbal analogue of the Russian runes "Balance"), ie, "ALVA" - means Al = BALANCE In oploschaemyh A lternativ . Point began converting totally manifested, completely symmetrical structurally bottomless energy Absolute in state manifestations.
ALVA - point ZERO degrees Kelvin (- 273 degrees Celsius), the point of absolute rest out of space and out of time.
ALVA - POINT EON energies time and absolute zero point for the space-energy generators.
Top XOP - (harmonious combination of the space-energy generators) - God omnipotent Universe being world-stabilizing function Absolute. God - FIRST FATHER-Slavs.
HARA Tara or Tara Kharya - Goddess guardian of the life force. Goddess - the first mother-Slavs.
While working in a special way on the chakras, a person is able to achieve not only longevity, but almost everything he wants.
Chakras are synthesized and increase the essence of all seven bodies of man
All these bodies are connected to the chakras. Chakras synthesize special energy as it has been called in different places and at different times: Qi, Vril, Prana, Tiu ....
To date, our Order was able to collect 7 of 8 fragments Hyperborean teachings, including practical work with chakras 6 of 7. With regard to the 8th fragment, it is the essence of it is practice. In this Order, carried out special experiments and practical exercises specifically written for our members. In large part, for the 8th fragment, we podcherpnuli teachings of Bon -on. Removing, superfluous, namely the religious and dogmatic propositions are false, as in the collected teachings and religious dogma.
And here is a brief analysis, scatter fragments of our knowledge of the world:
1. Fragments preserved in the Slavic sources
2. Fragments taken from the Siberian wise men
3. Fragments taken from Scandinavian legends
4. Fragments taken from Christianity (including the encrypted information in the Bible)
5. Fragments taken from the most ancient tablets, one of the bottom of the "Emerald Tablet "
6. Fragments taken from the teachings of the Tao
7. Fragments taken from Indian sources
8. Fragments taken from the teachings of Bon

After studying the 7 th main chakras, we will be available to 8th grade "level infinity", we know the infinite facets contemplation of God and the attainment of energy "Tiu" in the way of this stage.
Secrets apotheosis will be open to our fellow human beings. That is the teaching of the Bon preserved in a large part of practical knowledge Hyperborean teaching this doctrine mistakenly thought the machinations of Buddhism, but it is not, according to the teachings of Bon keeps the most practical basis Hyperborean teachings and Buddhism is an atheistic dogma. And so, for a common understanding of the teachings of the Hyperborean, is enough to study the 7 fragments, without realizing the septenary being, there is no point in examining the practical part of the Hyperborean teachings.
Before the start of meditative techniques and practices, it is necessary to take a course of Longevity, understand your body and learn how to manage them on a physical level. You must be prepared not only spiritually, but also physically. After all, without understanding the physical body, you will not be able to understand their energy body . All this is part of the theoretical teaching and practical teaching of the chat is only available to members of our Order in the hierarchy of "followers", when the passed the examination and understanding of the theoretical part of the Hyperborean teachings will vysyltsya special Almanacs.
Our Order is grateful for their efforts made in our teaching, namely the theoretical part of the 7 fragments teachings: B.Tatischeva, D.Loginova, E.Blavatskoy, Roerich, as well as our researchers, who collected the fragments of the most ancient Hyperborean teachings.
Of course not everything is true, what is written in these exercises, some things we edited the in terms of accidents and other judgments have been tweaked, because we are interested in the essence of truth, without any restrictions. We try to go beyond the boundaries of good and evil, because the Absolute is not no good, and not evil, it is always and everywhere. Scientists need to understand and read thoughtfully and thinking to analyze the essence of writing. Before the start of the study Hyperborean teachings need to understand the main thing:
What are good and evil?
Good and evil have come up as people in the division, came up with the demons and the devil to point fingers in their false ideas about the world outlook. Evil is like a black hole, which is on the other hand, it forms a cone-shaped white hole is infinitely taken and endlessly giving. You can take any example, suppose a country aggressor attacked another, represents the good in terms of development of the country and the people living in it, and to defend our country, its actions are evil.
Hyperborean doctrine gives knowledge, not dogma. Therefore, the knowledge gained in the study of the teachings given the right to choose where and how their priminyat give will, freedom of decision and understanding. Knowledge can not be good or bad, it is.
What is the devil and Satanism?
The devil does not exist as a being full with hooves and horns. The devil is the understanding of false ideologies and impose it to others, stands, Reserves antivoli invariants, ie, imposition of false ideology with false principles, suppress the will.Invariants is unchanging principles that do not change, ie, setting their dogmasrestriction of the right to choice, each choice is purely false. And Satanism at its core is the realization of the practical function of ideology that antivoli The devil.
What is Agregor, conscience, Karma and the laws of the universe?
Agregor the energy of thoughts and thought forms, Agregor granted Absolute to do, namely to introduce a reasonable life for the great Absolute thereby gets some experience through the physical body, it is just as bees collect honey for the beekeeper. Agregor this understanding a certain circle of people, namely: goals, ideas, principles, their beliefs, and so on, are all given to us by the Absolute. Due Agregoru and mutual understanding, we are winning the war, protecting their families and their interests, and so on, so forth. Not to be confused with egoism Agregor dissent.Inherently Agregor a tool of creation, which is why we like the Absolute. We are a drop of the Absolute, where each drop has its own individual information. But Agregor is not a god, and not them, which is contrary to the Agregor universe is purely demonic that the machinations of the Devil.
Another difference Agregora from the Absolute, what Agregor grupovoy thought, requires a fee, any Agregory obey the law of the measures to the law of balance and equilibrium. In addition to legal measures, agregor is subject to the law of karma, the law of karma and the law of measures working in tandem, as well as other laws of the universe. Do something unreasonable, selfishness, expect retribution. Stepping through the conscience, you step through God. This example is well described in Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment", character's in this book repented, thus he introduced a certain balance to the laws of the Universe . Course I regret and ponisenie punishment is one of the outputs, and outputs a lot more, this choice is accompanied by such a law of the Universe as the law will and choice , that is, Raskolnikov is essentially limited by dogma, so that he will leave his nakaznie and to whom it will be better to whom everything else because better murdered the old lady certainly will not, but the time spent in vain, instead of helping someone and clean your karma he did not. Unfortunately karma fee is very high, say the same old
He introduced a fee for their avarice, at the cost of his own life, but not the fact that it is for it, because she karma is transmitted also by the nature of (ancestral karma). No one knows all of our sins Preko, so it is very important to know the laws of the universe, and revere their family honoring the 3 precepts of ancestors , namelyto store Rod , to protect the Earth and keep the sky . According to the same principles it exists and operates our Order, gathers knowledge and gives them more accessible, correct and sincere form, take the knowledge that they multiply. In addition to the impact augmenting knowledge our Order is working on a variety of different and necessary tasks for the benefit of the broad mass of the needy, you do get znaiya in our Order, make payment by production of new knowledge, or what else, one board which needs our Order, as well as working in departments for the good of the Order. Thus, our Order is constantly making an imbalance in the structure of the laws of the universe, to gain a counterweight in its development, forming infinity of power of the engine with a constant increase in its capacity.

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