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About our Order. Creating Web Companions.

Our Order strives not only to unite, but to a region with local government. Our Order strives to become a bridge between the authorities and the people to control the will of the outpouring of the people, and if they have to the Government, the Government take place by the will and desire of the people.
Our Order systematically and ideologically ready for such a step. With us already collaborated many scientific figures from the Economy to Energy, from history to Health.
Our structure is simple, the main Council takes a circle of experts from ANY ORG, which consists of leading academics and professionals, as well as the range of experts from the Committee of the JWG, which are monitoring and accounting management for all staff members of the Government.ORG Committee undertakes to follow the will of the outpouring of the people and protect people's rights. Normal people will have the opportunity for talent and knowledge into the circle ORG Committee and NO ORG .
In each region, will be the system of direct voting!
Each will be part of the regional cell and have a decisive voice!
Thus , we will not be needed and the Duma and politicians with ihnimi parties , where most of the occupied are not professionals like actors and singers. Because it's all utopia yesterday.
Our Order is more than just a club of like-minded, movement or party. Our Order is a society based on the state system, with their own internal traditions, laws and the Charter. Our interests are directed exclusively for the benefit of society.
Order created to unite the common people to solve certain task group (family), as well as unite the disparate talents of gifted people and those who seek to join the ranks of the elite. That is why we need: honest, faithful not venal, disciplined, have to keep a vow of silence about the secrecy of the Order people.
Ideally, we strive to create the Nordic Hyperborean Union, first at the social level, then at the geopolitical level.

We consider all possible resources that can help us achieve our goals.
We have: charter posveschenny, tests, assignments, its hierarchical structure. The more in the Order will be active followers, in order to be efficient and rapidly grasped our common goals . In our Order present projects:
1. Project "HFP" - Hyperborean + Aid Fund, the main idea of the project is to help. Each fellow will assist in the worldly order all possible, namely, all brothers who are in any kind of unpleasant, difficult situation, assistance will be provided!
2. Project "Source of Life" - At the moment, "Source of Life" collects data in the field: nutrition and food, meditation practices, biorhythms of life, various dietary supplements and their justification, the impact of environmental factors on human health, the influence of heredity, research on the protection of the human body in extreme conditions. In addition to data collection and structured factors will be created, and for projects related tosocial activities to monitor: ecology, food, as well as various public awareness through special advanced courses in various fields.
3. The project "Expedition Order" - Expeditions are held, both earmarked and Special. In addition, this project includes tourist, cultural trips to different and interesting corners of our planet.
4. The project "Voices of the Order" - created to improve the Order Management and the preferences of the majority.
5. The project "Ariana" - Create your secure Social Network , which will be specially sharpened by the needs of the Order and its members.

6. Project "Library of the Order" - Collects Exclusive because It issues its own unique Almanacs . Order of the library includes materials on interesting leisure activities to Self-Development .
Our Order is built on ideologies of Superman that means:
Each Giperboreets should: Keep your honor and Organizations , guard the purity of their blood , to be faithful to the family and the Organization .
Each Giperboreets should honor and not violate the Charter of the Order .
The organization is above all!
Devotion to the idea!
Devotion to the Order!
Members of devotion!
This is the highest ideal!
This ideal of the Superman!
Each member of the Order of a member of our family , and family should always around to help her.
In our order we are, our family members, we pay his brothers as much attention as is necessary for each individual. Our Order, with our hierarchical level of dedication works like a united, harmonious mechanism, which is possible only by our unity and dedication required of each mechanism, and in the Order consistency in each hierarchy is a guarantee of success of our Order with you.

Privileges in our Order
In our Order there is a lot of positive qualities such as attention and help brothers, a lot of new interesting information, the protection of members of the Order, an interesting side of life, shrouded in mystery, and above all accessible to us the secrets of our work, accumulated in our library.
Each member of the Order, has the opportunity to receive special Almanacs for Scientific and about occult knowledge.
Each member of the Order of the walking on the path of spiritual exercises, gets a special almanac from the practical part of the Hyperborean teachings.
The more of us, the more powerful our Order and the lives of each of its members. As an example of such an organization - a circumvention of such goods market speculation as: appliances, clothes, etc. Much easier to replace these stores on a special agreement with our Order at the very factory warehouses, where mediators are members of our Order is following those to whom and what to deliver. Reducing the chain of intermediaries, it will be possible to buy certain products, much cheaper.
Our Order is:
Ideas ( our goals , Manifest "Our Struggle" , the manifesto "A look at the future" - they are "Ribbon National Idea" )
The problem we want to solve with the help of structures of our Order.
Our main objectives:
+ Creating a associates networks worldwide
+ Degradation and destructive activities
+ The establishment of a new world order, the path of spiritual and cultural understanding
+ The development of the cultural heritage of the Slavs, the union of the Slavic and other Nordic peoples into a single union
+ The moral, spiritual and physical development of the Order
+ The development and promotion of the ideology of the Superman
+ Take an active part in the development projects of the Order
+ Help our fellow human beings: material, moral, political, social
+ Search of secret knowledge
+ Longevity search for members of the Order

The structure of our Order
The structure of our Order has 2 Directions: Prep Committee and NO - ORG. The structure is very simple, in each direction of 6 departments, which will be able to enter into any new member of the Organization, through the Regional Department of Personnel (or through the Office of the High Council, after submission of the questionnaire).Each Department ORG Committee has its Head, heads of regional branches are specialist of the Department ORG, and experts of regional offices - specialists of regional departments. Any Member of the Order can come into NO - ORG, having the talent or desire. NO - ORG is a think tank and creative management body for internal affairs of the Order.
Their way a member of the Order starts as a specialist, all the activities of professional and transparent pooschryaema. As a result, each talent has a chance to assume leadership positions in the Organization of the Free State, without restrictions. The structure of the Order has a 3-level Council:
1. The Supreme Council: Head of the Order, Deputy. Hands. Order, Hand. Departments, Hand. RGS (region)
2. The Regional Council: Deputy. Hands. WGI Regional Arms. Departments, Deputy. Reg. Hands. Departments.
3. "referendum petition" - take part in all the Board members. The petition is served by the Supreme Council, then conducted the poll.
If you have any questions, or clarify something, you can always have their direct supervisor.
To date in the Order there are 2 ways to develop and promote it:
Members of the Order - the Order included in the main part, to take an oath on the right orders and taking an active part in the Order.
Sympathetic - those who want to be part of the Order, but he missed as an expert in ORG NO and refused to act on the program Recruiting or is not appropriate for some other criteria.
* Entrance fees - 150 rubles / month ($ 3)
Experts NO FES - Luxurious structure of the Order, more about receiving written topic Jobs Order.
NO FES experts from membership fees are exempt

Order of the Hyperboreans - stands for: Order - subsoil = bowels = depth, "O" = the union, Hyperborea = hyper = excess boron = fight = "E" = is the "I" = personality, ending "ant - the multiplicity of each, where each It is the essence of one.
From the Latin «Ordo» means the order.

Even if everything will change ,
We are faithful to the end ,
To forever above the planet,
Shone our guiding star
Each member of the Order of a member of our family, and family should always around to help her.
"Messiah" - this is not one person, but sensible to unite people.
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