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About our Order .
Order of the Hyperboreans - stands for: Order - subsoil = bowels = depth = secret, "O" = the union, Hyperborea = hyper = excess boron = fight = "E" = is the "I" = personality, ending "ant - the multiplicity of each, where each is the essence of one.
Our Order is greater than the direct PICs club of like-minded. Our Order is a society with their inner traditions, rituals, initiations with historical, cultural and spiritual- scientific bias. Our interests are directed exclusively for the benefit of society.
The Order was created to unite the common people to solve a certain task group (family), as well as the disparate talents of gifted people and those who seek to join the ranks of the elect . That is why we need: honest, faithful, not venal, disciplined, have to keep a vow of silence about the secrecy of the Order people. We have chosen !
The main aim of our Order is to find faithful companions, to comprehend the mysteries of the knowledge that had been known for our teachers in the great Hyperborean civilization, as well as many other things. Our Order seek to know our true history and purpose. For this we use all available resources to us: the ancient scriptures, modern science and our field studies. We consider all possible resources that can help us achieve our goals.
We have: regulations, posveschenny, tests, assignments, its hierarchical structure. And most importantly, we have an idea to revive our pratsivilizatsiyu not only in our hearts but also in our Order! The more in the Order will be active followers, the efficient and rapidly be grasped by our common goals. In our single centralized library of the Order of sailing the oceans of knowledge produced by us! We did not invent the knowledge we gather knowledge.
Our Order is present draft HFP
- Hyperborean Foundation + Aid, where each fellow will assist in the worldly order all possible, namely, all brothers who are in any kind of unpleasant, difficult situation, assistance will be provided!
In our order we are, our family members ,we pay his brothers as much attention as is necessary for each individual. Our Order, with our hierarchical level of dedication uni- works likeharmonious mechanism, which is possible only by our unity and dedication required of each mechanism, and in the Order consistency in each hierarchy is a guarantee of success of our Order with you.
Privileges in our Order
Our Order has many positive qualities such as attention and help brothers, a lot of new interesting information, the protection of members of the Order, an interesting side of life, shrouded in mystery, and above all accessible to us the secrets of our work, accumulated in our library.
Each member of the Order, has the opportunity to receive a special Almanahi of occult knowledge.
Each member of the Order of the walking on the path of spiritual teachings, receive a special A lmanah practical part of the Hyperborean teachings.
For each member of the Order drawn up individual A lmanahi of Life , in the drafting of the Almanac are involved the best: psychics, palmists, numerologists, astrologers. Each member of the Order will be assisted by: Occult Division, Legal Department . And it's all free .
The more of us, the more powerful our Order and the lives of each of its members. As an example of such an organization - a circumvention of such goods market speculation as: appliances, clothes, etc. Much easier to replace these stores on a special agreement with our Order at the very factory warehouses, where mediators are members of our Order is following those to whom and what to deliver. Reducing the chain of intermediaries, it will be possible to buy certain products, much cheaper.
Our main objectives:
Creating a associates networks worldwide
Draining the exclusive knowledge of our library
Degradation, regression and reduction of intellectual potential of society
Establishment of a new world order, the path of spiritual and cultural understanding
The development of the cultural heritage of the Slavs, the union of the Slavic and other Nordic peoples into a single union
Moral, spiritual and physical development of the Order
Development and promotion of new spiritual teachings
To actively participate in the development projects of the Order
Help our brethren: material, moral, political, social
Search secret knowledge
Longevity search for members of the Order
We will restore the cultural and historical values ​​of the Hyperboreans, for it will be equipping the expedition. To begin, gather scattered mosaic of knowledge and gather them together!
Each member of the Order member of our family, and family should always and at all to help her.
"Messiah" - this is not one person, but sensible to unite people.
Sincerely, Master of the Order.

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