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HyperBorean manifesto - a look at the future

Promotion and implementation of new scientific ideas. Currently in full for obvious reasons - the oligarchy will lose a lot of money, first of all, lose the income from oil, gas and other resources, which belong not to the people but to them. They extort resources sitting even in other countries and having the citizenship of another country.That is why until now, we do not use new technology that can allow for a great evolutionary leap of the human race. Our scientists have long been available and ready drawings, and even ready-made models of these technologies, which can give limitless cheap energy, new vehicles operating on the basis of torsion fields make it possible to control the gravity and even a temporary structure to materialize out of the water, air and even garbage the required efficiency. We do not need to be so hard to spoil our environment, as well as to extort from the earth all the remaining juice and defile river hydropower plants. The current false science on a par with fake PhDs under the leadership of Oligarchy strongly prohibits the promotion of these technologies. Nikola Tesla 100 years ago proved by experiment that electricity can be extracted from the vacuum, roughly speaking out of the inning. In fact, the vacuum is not just a void, and energetically highly concentrated material medium. And getting out of her energy is even possible!
What is stopping you? Forcible imposition of our scientists and engineers delusional chimera "Second Law of Thermodynamics." Millions of experiments, directly and unequivocally refute the pseudo-scientific "law" in Russia are held annually. For example, if the "Second Law of Thermodynamics" is true, then wet and therefore icy cold of winter underwear to dry in the cold should not be. The very process of drying in the cold icy sheets and other things, there is a flagrant violation "of the Second Law of Thermodynamics" - not a "law of nature", but only one of the delusional chimera of academic science. more detailed and thorough criticism of this, as well as and many other fantasies of modern academic science can be found in the book Yuriya Brovko "policy in science and science policy." I spoke about this B Tatishchev in his book:The whole modern openly profane, purely materialistic official "academic" science persistently insists on the need to "pilot study" any "scientific theories." Repeats?Repeats. More like a solid! Throughout this his "fundamental principle of the experimental evidence" taldychit and ringing incessantly. Before ringing in the ears.
The trust of millions of people to their "scientific" fabrications and money from the society they accept very willingly. But the promised "hard cash" EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE obtained for the credibility of their "scientific" fantasies they lay somehow "forget". In fact, here there is the same "theft of trust", which in legal textbooks is defined as "fraud". In this case, - fraud, such as the only intelligent, but not FREE to the public.
It's not about the cost of science. They, just, practiced by scientists in full. It's about those not formally accounted for, but it is terrible losses incurred by society to believe in false MIRAGE scientific and academic world picture. It has already begun on the global cataclysms, which will continue to be only grow. This is a natural reaction to the mass of the planet and spiritual parasitism illusory goal of being present humanity.
Hence the conclusion: all that comes out beyond the pseudo-science is the occult and esoteric scholars and occultists. But this does not mean that the occult can not be true.
Sincerely, Master of the Order, Semargl!
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