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Идеология Ордена

Hyper Borean manifest- our B The struggle

Order is amateur school life, namely its immunity to the decaying morals of society and the disregard for the elite. Rights Society: speculation, demons Satanism with a fat belly, with extensive tools system. We live in a world where nothing by voting to decide who is right where they sit and who is not free.So these are the main objectives of the Order is precisely, to change the world through the introduction of a vaccine thatchange the world from within. Namely: to arouse, to return the culture, history, shake off the podium: the pseudo-scientific and pseudo-officials. Give people new knowledge, new technology that will lead to progress, not regress evolution of the human race. We want to give the public the common world in which each of us would like to live . We need to weed out rotten stuff in the community itself, through our Order. The current situation can be changed only from the inside. Therefore, our Order has been created.

A brief history of negative C lavyanskogo people over the past 1000 years.
More than a thousand years the Slavs were slaves of the state, from the time of baptism were exterminated millions of Slavic lives, not counting the wars. Baptism lasted about 300 years and during that time the Slavs were cut and placed on his knees, his same baptized renegades on the orders of the church. But after baptism, after a wild massacre and humiliation, the power in their hands took the church, as in western Europe, ruled by the cruel laws of the Inquisition. Yet more than a century of people burned alive at the stake, tortured and brutally murdered. From 988-1649, the continued atrocities, but in 1649 with the introduction of serfdom, the people on their knees, forcing to be slaves! Only since 1861 the Slavs were published, but not for long, after the overthrow of the Tsar in 1917 the power in their hands took the bloody tyrant, Lenin!That's his transgression: 1917 - inspiration mass riots and Satanism, gangster seizure of power. All this not only on foreign money, but also on the people's money. In 1918 - the dispersal of the constituent assembly, the introduction of the Red Terror and the beginning of the Civil War, 918 years -1920 - military and communist terror, mass plundering and destruction of Slavic and other minority peoples, sending the stolen property abroad on an incredible scale, 1919 - 1922 - organization of a catastrophic famine in Russia. In 1924, finally, the bloody tyrant dies and to power, Stalin comes, which of course also shed a lot of blood, but by the Slavs as a nation and ethnic group treated with respect, he is even a saying was I though the Georgians, but I am Russian Georgian. It was Stalin who accompanied and developed a project to unite the Slavs, but this project was not to be because he died and it was not even a hint of revival of culture and life of the Slavic people. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, all nations was returned to the culture and way of life, but nothing Slavs. At the present time for people close any open meeting of the Slavic, was accused of extremism, are punished even for the package with the Kolowrat!
Of course, the present tumults in the countries, not only hurt the Slavic people, but also all the other minorities.
Why all the press obscurantism has Slavs, but because such a large country as Russia is home to about 80%, and more precisely the Slavic people, which is why the enemy has a culture of Slavs, because they know that only the power of the Slavs. They are afraid and act, but the Slavic people and awakens our Order accompanies this! Of course, this applies not only to Russia but also other countries close to the Slavs. But it was in Russia surpasses evil: Satanism, revelries, speculation, corruption on a large scale, the bowels of the earth in the hands of the oligarchs living in London.
Of course, not only in Russia there is a war against the people of the North as well as in many other European countries, these wars have 4 types:
1.Kontseptualnaya war
2.Ideologicheskaya war
First 2 types describes in his work B.Yu. Tatishchev "Russian national idea" , the concept of this work describes all the important issues and gives examples, to solve these problems. In addition to the 2 types of war described by the author, we felt it necessary to add another 2 types, namely:
         3. Physical genocide (see video)
4. Degradation (see video)
These video files perfectly show the essence of all that is happening, and after reading the "Russian national idea" , it becomes clear that the degradation is the result of a conceptual war, namely in the absence of the concept, the same rod which makes it clear that a person is still available in the rudiments : conscience, honor, true world, because there is no degradation of propaganda, as no propaganda of the rod itself. Deprived of the web , individuals are constantly degraded, and a new generation of children multiply this factor. Degrading, certain individual , finds similar and together for the sake of entertainment begin: kill, rape, drug use. Due to lack of money for drugs, these creatures, kill someone that mothers and fathers, and obtaining resources go and rape the daughters of someone.
Nobody wants to have children degraded, children and freaks piderastov children, many are born normal, but in a degraded society of a certain circle become as it is not sad, but true.
A physical genocide, respectively, is the result of an ideological war, citing specific individuals (as an example of "refugees in the EU")ideology degradation of another culture of people, the ideology of permissiveness, the ideology of the rulers of chaos and destruction, these individuals begin to act, to act without pity and compassion spitting on the mentality of the miserable and helpless. These creatures are killing someone the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, for the sake of entertainment is sent to the knock-out and the light whose the grandmothers and pregnant women. Why flee rather than fight? Why behave there so as not to lead at home? They do not fight, because shorts, not war, and behave as they see fit to act, knowing that even for theft in their countries, they cut off the hand of a simple betrayal of her head, and for the rape of destroying the whole family.
If people are not degraded, had a core concept and were able to distinguish between an alien ideology, then none of this would have happened.
Therefore, to get out of this situation, we can only be united! But any association, you need control and direction for their efforts, because they alone will not solve anything. Our Order is committed to such an association. Our Order is, in fact, is a living organism that is constantly adjusted to the needs of the majority and growing. Each member of our Order has the right to express his ideas and express their views on additions or changes something.
An association.
Our Order, operates on a global scale, and the main purpose of our Order, the union of all the Nordic peoples in a single union.
As we wake up to fight?
First you need to: unite, remember our ancestors, back in history, culture, remember the true doctrine, and then we will see.
In our Order, we are committed to the implementation of a variety of purposes:
Creating a associates networks worldwide
Draining the exclusive knowledge of our library
Degradation, regression and reduction of intellectual potential of society
Establishment of a new world order, the path of spiritual and cultural understanding
The development of the cultural heritage of the Slavs, the union of the Slavic and other Nordic peoples into a single union
Moral, spiritual and physical development of the Order
Development and promotion of new spiritual teachings
To actively participate in the development projects of the Order
Help our brethren: material, moral, political, social
Search secret knowledge
Longevity search for members of the Order
In addition to these objectives, we have a goal where an extensive, namely a smooth transition to a new economic system, the transition to the single world currency, the improvement of the human body, creating a global "Hyperborean Union", the production of new technologies, opening of special facilities for learning and teaching for a long time forgotten lore including the emphasis on the development of the super-powers.
Our Order for the elect, namely those who fight! We order our doors are open for everyone, for those who share with us our idea.
Everyone has a choice, to be submissive slave, or be a warrior!

Retrospective our Manifesto
All that is written in the manifesto is an objective idea of ​​each of us in the depths of our soul and conscience.This Manifesto is stored truth that should awaken in our society: the path to sanity, cause negativity to their passivity and activity to awaken to the action.
At the expense of common sense - not many that do not know the negative side of its history. Many people do not know their current position in the slave system, and some do not is that the story does not know, does not even know the geography of the country, not to mention other countries. For me personally, it was a shock when the 16th student to a request to show where on the map is, Russia shows in Africa.
And why? Because these students are not eager to learn, do not even have the desire for it is committed, because they do not have an ideological core, that the impregnation of volitional qualities that he needs. And why should he need it, if it has: drugs, alcohol, boundless lust. And then the question of what education can give the individual to your children? The answer is simple - degradation.
At the expense of a negative to their passivity - are writing me why I wrote in the manifesto about a negative history and the degradation of this and already know everything? The fact of the matter that the majority not only knows a zombie and thinks differently. So here are our goals and actions just contribute to the removal of the rose-colored glasses of euphoria and educate the majority, and the minority who have been degraded, should reduce and preferably to zero.
At the expense of "cause negativity to their passivity." If it is not negative, then let's continue positively deteriorate because there is nothing to fight for. Our Order need an ideology of anti-tolerance, rigid, built on the truth, and the truth, the truth, and the truth, which will be a counterweight to the ideas of tolerance and obscurantism. If this does not fight, our children will grow up in the ideology of the degraded society. Because it is the ideology of degradation creates the society itself, which, as opposed to the progress of leads an active ideological regression by drug propaganda, corruption, child alcoholism and crime. Speaking of such propaganda especially want to note such propaganda as juvenile delinquency, which is campaigning permissiveness in their actions, thanks to such permissiveness, there are various movements of a destructive nature. The child thinks it's cool to drink, to rape, to use drugs, rob, set fire to cats, dogs and even people in their 12 years. Speaking of people, you can for example give a brief history. A man banished by their own children, so that they do not interfere with them to live and lead degradation life, that person becomes homeless and does not know where to go, I lay down on a bench that though it sleep, and then it poured 12th kids with gasoline and set on fire, and everything that happens remove the phone camera. True, such case is rare, but it happens, and that's the case with drugs, alcohol and smoking are found more often. You yourself have seen time and again how to get out the door, and the front of the house, near the sandbox and seesaw sit students, who skip classes are drinking beer and smoking do not hesitate to anyone. And because few people it can make a point, for younger adults waved, and people are simply afraid of the old school these children.
And why? Because there is no opposite - a powerful ideology. Let's imagine that children are the seedlings, but these seedlings need support - education. And you can give your children from such support without ideological impregnation without goals and solid ground on which to stand, and will support this - the core of progress? The answer is simple - permissiveness and a choice of 2 evils: the degradation or selfishness.
Why do we elect? Yes, because we need to collect, then the minority that will disrupt the zombie positive points for all negative - what is happening to them.
We need people who will work with us and fight for the sake of our ideas, and not in the name of self-interest and private gain. That is why, the minority who will act with us as a team will be eligible to be elected, to be a warrior, not a slave. And each person in our team will be Superman!
I only see the chatter, where is the action? Here's our actions that we have implemented and continue to implement:
1)        to create an organization - our Order with its own structure and hierarchy, for the coherence of our goals
2)       There is a set: Goals, Objectives, Plans
3)       There is an ideology that guides us
4)        Manual for the gradual achievement of our objectives and goals
5)        establishment of regional groups (Commons)
which are needed to perform a variety of different purposes, ranging from assistance (any) to each participant prior to any fight, agitation and social activities, to create a store in your area to buy food and other things several times cheaper, creating any business for the benefit of the community, by between his own purse, bypassing the use of speculative market. This list of positive qualities for the "RG - community "is constantly expanding.
Finally, a straight answer can not see the action begin with the entry in the "WP-community" and start the implementation of phased actions, have a conversation, curators, Master of the Order, the instructions, where you learn to do it to you. Do not like our movement, our organization joined other or create their own. If you do not want to act in a group or organization, begin to act himself. If you do this and you can not or do not want to, why would you write to confirm its viability and do not adjust to all the followers of hopelessness and ruin our structure? If the latter, then you are not with us on the way.
We do not need whiners and slaves, we need warriors, at least in the information environment. For information in any war is the most powerful and fearsome weapons. And with thousands of people united by history information creates and builds the entire state, turning adversity into the error of a bygone era. Now comes the era of fire, our epoch. So let's be like this fire and burned all obscurantism, which prevents us to live as we can, and most importantly be able to live!
And only united in our ranks you can help us in this, which is why the Order needs people who are struggling and are willing to fight with us!
After that, I recommend to read the Manifesto " Hyperborean Manifesto - A look at the future "
Sincerely, Master of the Order, Semargl!

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